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The Judy Company develops and installs anchoring systems of rock bolts, rock anchors, tiebacks, tie downs, earth anchors, soil nails, concrete anchors, and post-tensioned tendons.

Anchors are durable, reliable, economical tension supports used in a wide variety of construction environments to stabilize and augment the strength of the structure. Made of high strength steel bars or strands, they can be bonded to rock, concrete and many types of soil. Anchors are used to counteract external, overturning, uplift, and seismic forces, and are used actively (pre-stressed) or passively (non-stressed).

Soil and rock nails are fully grouted, non-tensioned anchors used to resist uplift forces and failure forces on slopes or excavations. The nails endure residual stresses in soil or rock (broken or solid) for load transfer. Passive anchors are generally used where pre-stressing is neither not possible nor desirable.

Rock and concrete anchors are pre-stressed tendons which can be configured in bars or multiple strands. A portion of the tendon length is bonded to rock or concrete by cement grout, resin, or fixed by a mechanical anchor. The upper portion, or free length, is left un-grouted for pre-stressing, but is grouted afterwards to lock in tension and protect against corrosion.

The Judy Company has the right anchoring solution for your next project. Contact us today and let us partner with you and determine your best option for anchoring systems.