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White RiverLock 1 & Lock 2


Batesville, AR


City Of Fayetteville, AR


Mobley Contractors, Inc 


Three early 1900’s vintage locks on the White River were being converted to low head hydroelectric power plants. The turbines were being installed inside the existing locks at two locations. This required excavating 12 feet below the existing lock walls. To accomplish this, it was necessary to install vertical tendons through the lock walls. Also required was installing angled tendons and anchors through the sides of the lock walls as excavation was performed. The vertical tendons from top of the lock wall and the angled tendons from the lock wall passed very closely making precision drilling and surveying mandatory

At one location the power plant was installed on the land and the water channeled from the river. At this location anchors were required on the sides of the channels and the lock excavation.

Work summary- 127stranded tendons, 448 bar tendons with a capacity range from 572 to 90 kips.