Compaction Grouting Contractor - The Judy Company

Compaction grouting works where low strength, low capacity or unstable soil does not have the required bearing capacity for a specified load, a high density, very low slump grout (low mobility grout or LMG grout) is injected into the soil. The grout is injected at designed depths and locations in a grid pattern at high pressure. As a result, the viscous grout forms into a bulb or column at the desired depth, displacing the soil, densifying or "compacting" it, resulting in improved bearing capacity. To find out more information visit our Compaction Grouting page.

Compaction grouting contractor, the Judy Company working at an airport runway in southern Missouri.

The Judy Company is an experienced compaction grouting contractor. For a free quote or to discuss your project needs, please call one of our experienced estimators, engineers, geologists or construction superintendents at 913-422-5088. Be sure to mention that you found us online and we'll provide you with a free LMG mix design.