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January 30, 2013


The I-80 Soil Nail Wall in Omaha, Nebraska Wins American Concrete Institute Award


Owner:                                    Nebraska Department of Roads

Prime Contractor:                   Hawkins Construction, Omaha Nebraska

Soil Nail Wall Contractor:       The Judy Company, Kansas City Kansas

Soil Nail Wall Designer:          Terracon, Lenexa Kansas

Carve and Stain:                      Boulderscape, San Juan Capistrano California

Concrete Supplier:                  Consolidated Concrete, LLC, Omaha Nebraska


George ACI Award smallThe soil nail option was chosen by the Nebraska Department of Roads as a favored option for an earth retention system for the widening of I-80 at the Missouri river. The soil nail wall is a top down construction process. This means that the disturbance behind the wall is minimized. To build a conventional gravity wall in this area, a much larger excavation would need to be done, possibly infringing on some of the private properties above the wall.

The soil nail wall wasconstructed in two phases. The first phase consisted of drilling and grouting in the soil nails and constructing a construction face of shotcrete. This process is done starting at the top of the excavation and progresses down about 6 feet at a time. Once the wall is constructed to its full height, reinforcing is placed on the wall and the structural permanent face is placed using the shotcrete method. This wall has a structural shotcrete thickness and a carved and stained facing to give the wall a pleasing look.

I80 soil nail wall 02

The soil nail wall was constructed as a design-build project. The Judy Company was the soil nail contractor for the project, and contracted with Terracon to do the design. Boulderscape did the carving and staining for the project. Hawkins was the prime contractor and Fucinaro did the Excavation.I80 soil nail wall 01