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University of Kansas Geotechnical Conference

The Judy Company, Inc. was represented at the 44th Annual Geotechnical Conference at the University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence. The keynote speaker was Dr. David Daniel of the University of Texas at Dallas. He spoke about his work on clay liners and environmental decisions that have been made since his work. Early work on building clay liners for landfills was flawed for two reasons: (1) chemical constitutents such as solvents at high concentrations or in free product appear to degrade or dessicate clays, resulting in an increase in hydraulic conductivity, and (2) landfill caps and liners based upon laboratory permeater samples are generally flawed. Permeability testing of clays must be done using large scale sampling techniques, such as ring infiltrometers or test sections with underdrains.

Dr. Daniel and other colleagues received much resistance from industry because large scale sampling is more difficult and expensive. However, his results have consistently proven true and today large scale methods are still used. 

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