USACE Wolf Creek Dam Safety Print

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety Award.

Well, it finally arrived. We, at the Judy Company, are all proud of our Team effort that included Judy Superintendents, Geologists, Engineers, laborers and our subcontractors: Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., GEI Consultants, Inc., Bauer Foundation Corp., Putnam Contracting Services, LLC and Lakeland Electric. 

According to Pat Carr, President of The Judy Company, Inc.:

"Good work guys! You should be very proud of this accomplishment! It took extra effort to make it happen!"


The letter can be found here: Army Corp of Engineer's Safety Award Letter

Here is part of what the government had to say.

"The Government would like to recognize Judy Company for their safety record at Wolf Creek Dam during the performance of the Gallery and Plaza contract. This record is a testament to Judy Company's proactive and effective safety management."

"It should be noted that this was not a low-risk contract. The primary work was drilling and grouting. Hazards encountered included: night shift work; entry into a permit-required confined space; working in an 8-ft-by6-ft gallery tunnel; personnel evacuations due to encountering subsurface hydrogen sulfide pockets while drilling; and working with conductive drill masts in the vicinity of a hydropower electrical switchyard. These hazards were mitigated by the Government / Contractor partnership for safety."



Bill DeBruyen, P.E.
Resident Engineer