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Judy Company at the AEG Annual Meeting

Salt Lake City was beautiful in September and the quality of presentations was great. Located right next to the Wasatch Fault, this city is uniquely positioned to encounter a major earthquake sometime soon. Unfortunately, a lot of the buildings were built with minimal earthquake protection. 

Judy Company President Pat Carr was part of the AEG Dam Section. He presented the following discussion of The Judy Company's work at Wolf Creek Dam (see below):

AEG 2012 01

A Small Business Team Approach to Foundation Grouting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Wolf Creek Dam

Patrick Carr, P.E.

The Judy Company, Inc.

Kansas City, KS

In October 2010, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requested bids for a project at Wolf Creek Dam, near Jamestown KY.  The project was restricted to small businesses.  The scope of work was for drilling and grouting in the dam gallery and adjacent to a cutoff wall along an outlet structure.  The dam is located in a pristine environment along the Cumberland River and has strict standards on discharge into the River or runoff from the site. The dam holds lake Cumberland, which is one of the nation’s largest lakes, providing hydroelectric power, tourism and flood protection for cities like Nashville.

A $350 million project to construct a barrier wall is currently in process on the upstream side of the dam by a joint venture of Treviicos and Soletanche. This made our smaller (approximately $7 million) grouting project highly visible and subject to a very high standard of control.

AEG WCD rock coreThe project had very strict requirements for reporting and contractor quality control.  A geologist was required on each drill rig for logging and interpretation of voids and fluid loss. A senior geologist was required to review each document and manage the contractor quality control system. The grouting required a geologist with experience in computer controlled grouting and material quality control.  

The project also had requirements for a project manager, a site safety officer, cost loaded scheduling in Primavera P6, an onsite water treatment plant, discharge monitoring, multiple shift operations, automated data management, on site drafting, and detailed daily reporting.  Meeting all these requirements would be overwhelming for a small business to manage 

The construction work itself was relatively straightforward and we felt comfortable estimating and managing the construction. To meet all of the other requirements The Judy Company, Inc. assembled a team of several companies to take advantage of each of the team member’s strengths. 

The Judy Company served as prime contractor and team leader, providing drilling, grouting and automated data collection and monitoring. Bauer Foundation of Odessa FL, provided cost loaded scheduling, control of the discharge water, site safety and electrical services.  GEI Consultants, Inc. of Boston MA supplied engineering, quality control and professional geologist services. Geosyntec Consultants of Atlanta GA assisted the team with data management services, a storm water pollution prevention plan and project drawings.

The team fulfilled all the contract requirements.  The team and the job had its’ problems to work through.  Without the support of the other team members, it would have been impractical for The Judy Company, Inc., and likely any other small business to complete this project. 

This paper will give an overview of the project work, how the organization was structured to complete each task, what worked well and what didn’t, and how any problems were overcome.


Biographical Sketch

Mr. Patrick Carr, P.E. is The President of The Judy Company, Inc.  The Judy Company was founded in 1922 by Mr. Philip S. Judy. Their first major foundation grouting project was Bagnell Dam in 1929 and the company has specialized in this field since.

Pat has over 20 years’ experience with the company and has served as President since 1991.  The Judy Company has expanded the type of projects completed to include rock anchors, mine stabilization, mico-piles and retaining walls.

Pat graduated from the University of Missouri in 1979 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.