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"The work on the Olmos Dam won an award... 
We all know why the award was won.  Thanks to the Judy Company!"


Don B. Perry, Director

Public Works Division, State of Indiana

"Your acceleration of the work completion of mine areas no. 1 & 2. , in significantly less time than that called for in the Contract Documents, allows me to authorize you to retain in your contract amount the $15,000.00 Time Management Allowance. Thank you for a job well done."


Martin K. Eby, Jr., Chairman of the Board

Martin K. Eby Construction Co., Inc.

"I'm pleased to send the enclosed award of Excellence in Partnering from the Associated General Contractors of America to you along with our sincere thanks for your assistance in bringing about the award. The fine cooperation of you and your site superintendent, along with your suggestions for underwater grouting certainly helped keep this project on a very tight and productive schedule. We enjoyed our relationship with you on this project, Pat, and look forward to working with you again in the future."


Walter Hackerott, Administrative Coordinator


"We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your firm for a project well done. The professionalism exemplified by your Firm and Project Manager, in conjunction with his expedient work ethic was a major factor in the success of your contract. We sincerely look forward to the opportunity of working with The Judy Company in the future."


Larry D. Milliken, Director, Storage Projects


"I want to say thanks for a job well done. I know it wasn't easy to keep rescheduling our New York test and we didn't give you a lot of notice when we finally got our "window" to proceed, but it did happen and it was very successful. Both Tom and Clay worked a lot of hours and did a great job of flexing with the situation. My sincere thanks to Tom for his mechanical aptitude and all the different "hats" he wore from welder to shoveler during the test. I look forward to future opportunities to with The Judy Company."


John D. Glass, Colonel, Contracting Officer

Corps of Engineers

"Your full cooperation and interest in completing a unique and very successful project is a reflection on your company and staff. All facets of the contract were effectively managed, including submittal of transmittals, implementation of the three-phase Contractor Quality Control Inspection System, record keeping and attention to safety. The excellent quality of work and early contract completion achieved were a direct result of your management actions. The work is accepted by me on behalf of the United States. I congratulate you and your outstanding performance on this project, and look forward to working in the future with your company."


C. E. Edgar III, Brigadier General, Division Engineer

U.S. Army

"I commend you for your outstanding performance in the Crack Repair work at the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam, Savannah, Georgia and South Carolina. Your staff fully cooperated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers effort to accomplish the work in a manner which would minimize disruption of the structure's flood gates. The quality of work was excellent as your Quality Control Personnel effectively utilized the three phases of the inspection process. You were able to complete all contract work well ahead of schedule because of your efficient operation. Your positive attitude to get the job well done resulted in a very successful project and one that reflects favorably on your company as well as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I congratulate you on your outstanding performance on this job, and I look forward to future business with The Judy Company.


Leon E. McKinney, Colonel, District Engineer

Corps of Engineers

"The plaque being presented to you conveys the appreciation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for your outstanding efforts in accomplishing the timely repair of drilling and grouting voids beneath the intermediate and land guide walls at Lock and Dam 26 near Alton, Illinois. I want to add my congratulations and sincere thanks for a job well done. The need for this repair work of filling the voids beneath the main lock was of the highest priority to the St. Louis District. Through your professional skill and dedication, the required number of main lock closures for performance of the work was less than anticipated in the contract, thereby reducing the delays to navigation tows at Lock and Dam No. 16. Again, thanks for a job well done."


From the Final Partnership Meeting Minutes for

Red Rock Dam Remedial Grouting State II

"Many of the nation's top drilling and grouting professionals were involved in one way or another during this job. These people included OCE, WES, NCD, ORD, Nashville, Huntsville, New Orleans, and St. Paul Districts, Indeco Inc., National Baroid Co., The USGS, and Iowa State University. We discussed project delays caused by mechanical problems, drilling difficulties, bad weather and high water. Mr. Kelley commented that this job turned into a 'state of the art project'. OCE and the many people cited above teamed together with The Judy Company using many approaches and ideas which eventually resulted in a quality product. The group agreed that the project was indeed very cost effective even with the modifications.

It was pointed out that there was no lost time accidents. Messrs. Greenwood and Barickman mentioned how important and successful the safety and coordination meetings were. The preparatory meetings were also very helpful in getting the beginning and the end of the construction session outlined, as well as getting equipment set up, in place, ahead of time.

Messrs. Briggs and Corey again mentioned how important the partnering charter was and how it helped resolve many problems on-site. Most heavy equipment mods and repairs were accomplished during the winter. Mr. Barickman pointed out how successful the portable grout plants were in moving from section to section especially toward project completion.

Col. Mudd presented awards to the Operations Manager of The Judy Company. Mr. Briggs concluded the meeting stating that the Rock Island District has certainly profited both technically and professionally from the remedial grouting project."


Ted Montoya, PE, URS Corporation

Elk Head Creek Dam

"I'm writing to express my gratitude for the efforts of The Judy Company on the formation grout curtain at the expanded Elkhead Creek Dam. I especially want to Mitch Houk and his crew for the work. The new grout curtain required a lot of effort and time to complete, especially creating a seepage barrier at the west abutment in rock that was found to be weathered and fractured. Mitch and his crew put in a lot of hours in challenging circumstances and weather. Their efforts and final products are very much appreciated."

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